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Creative journaling helps me reflect on a given day’s activities and it reminds me to be thankful of the big and small victories in life. I feel like I can freely express myself in the pages of my journal—and through my entries, I find that I discover more and more about myself everyday.

My journaling style reflects the journaling styles I follow online. I love to illustrate, doodle, write, and stick bits and scraps of daily ephemera on my journal. I find myself inclined towards a cute and colorful style of journaling. For reference, I’m currently using an A6 Day-Free Hobonichi Techo as my daily creative journal. Here are a few people I look at for ideas:



I stumbled on this IG account two years ago and always look forward to their posts! The spreads always focus on simple and cute illustrations accompanied with some text. While I don’t completely understand what’s written on the pages, I love the illustrations!



This account encapsulates my journaling style aesthetic! Text heavy, with pops of color, illustration, and a hodgepodge of washi tape, stickers, and daily ephemera. Everything fits together without it being overwhelming.



Mizutama is one of my favorite Japanese illustrators. It’s always fun to watch her draw and fill up the pages of her Hobonichi (and many other surfaces like a paper coaster or her sketchbook.) Her illustration style just makes you smile when you see it.



I’ve been a fan of Chichi’s works for a couple of years already, and when she launched her Instagram account just for her Hobonichi spreads, I didn’t hesitate to follow! Her spreads are whimsical and colorful—filled with little notes, photos, stickers, and washi tape.



I first got introduced to daily journaling and Hobonichis through Rainbowholic (Kaila)! After months and months of obsessing over her pretty spreads and positive messages behind each page, I bought my first Hobonichi two years ago and fell in love with daily journaling. Kaila’s spreads are full of warmth and the way she tracks the highlights of her day with cute drawings and eye-catching stickers and colorful washi tape will brighten up your day too!

These are just a few of the vast number of people who do daily creative journaling! Everyone has their own style and take on how to tackle a blank page, and it’s always fun and exciting to see the results. Remember: the most important thing is that your journal brings you peace and joy with every page you fill out!


Cover photo from おこめ (@hobo_okome) on Instagram

Written by Sophie Yu
Sophie Yu is a storyteller from Manila. If you love puns and terrible jokes, Yu'll most likely get along with her. Aside from writing, stationery hoarding, and taking care of her dogs, she also blogs at 👋

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