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In case you missed it — Abbey is gathering the online community for a monthly creative journaling challenge! Every month of this year, she will be sharing 20 Prompts for 2020.

The rules are simple: pick your prompt, do your thing, then upload to Instagram under the #2020CreativeJournalingChallenge. (Or, don't. We understand a journal can be a private space for some of us. Still, we highly encourage you to share when you can! It's a great opportunity to make new friends within the online journaling community.)

You can really flex your creativity here—combine prompts with other challenges, try out different styles and media, go for it. Our January prompts are already up and everyone's invited!


We're just a few days in and the entries have been flowing in.

It takes a constant input of fresh ideas to follow through on any "daily" challenge. A quick look through our official challenge hashtag and it's clear that there's an abundance of inspiration out there!

There's a lot we can learn from each other, so I (Nikki) am going to be sharing how you can take inspiration into execution! There were so many lovely entries to choose from, so I picked only a handful from the Day 1, "My [One-Word] Mantra", prompt. I'll explain why I like them, the simple techniques used, and how you can apply similar ideas to your own spreads!


Monochrome and Repetition


I'm obsessed with the color blue. You probably have a favorite color too—lean into it. It's smart to use a signature hue here and there for a daily journal challenge because it gives you one less thing to think about!

Pulga (@pulga.haza) used blues of varying lightness. The repetition of her one-word mantra, "create", draws a viewer's attention right away. Mantras are something we say to ourselves over and over again. What makes your journal any different?

Because repetition creates a strong focal point, using a lighter shade of blue tones everything down in relation to all the other blue elements. There's a lot of white space as well. As a result, this two-page spread is subtle, balanced, and aesthetically pleasing!


Say It Once and Make It Count


I know, more blue. It's only a slight bias, but hey, it's the family of Pantone's Color of the Year.

In this entry, Jerlyn (@jemonteverde) takes the opposite approach from Pulga's. Jerlyn drew her one-word mantra only once. It's in a bold shade of blue to contrast the rest of the text in light grey. (Palette tip: accent muted tones with a bold color.)

Jerlyn also helps our eyes find what to focus on by grouping the lettering styles. "Commit" is done in a chunky block letter formed by little leaves, while the background is done in brush lettering. You can experiment forming letters with different patterns: florals, waves, dots, lines... you get the idea. It's a labor-intensive technique, but if it can be pretty meditative once you get into the flow!

As a whole, the elements work together so the more you look, the more you discover. First, the mantra itself; then, the little leaves; finally, the longer text in a faint grey.


 Stencils, Stickers, or Stamps 


Not the lettering type? Use stickers, stencils, or stamps!

Stencils give you a consistent outcome, while still having that "organic" pen stroke look. Plus, if you have similar goals as Rohini (@rohiniaman)—travel, save, learn—stencils are a smart choice to make. They pack flat into pouches, are quick to use on-the-go, and generally come in affordable prices.



Foam stickers, like Angelo (@art_byangelo) used above, are super easy to use and they literally make your text stand out on the page! His one-word mantra will need that extra factor to compete against all the things happening on the page once his month overview is full.



This is another version of using stickers to spell out your mantra! "Yaki The Cat" (@fatcatyaki) used watercolor-inspired letters which compliments the illustrative, painterly style of the other stickers and washi tape.

Again, the key is color. Both Angelo and "Yaki The Cat" complimented their stickers to the color scheme of the page.

That concludes my favorites from Day 1 only It's been a joy to see all your entries, definitely go check out the hashtag and our tagged photos. There were definitely more I wanted to "analyze" (a.k.a. gush over), let us know on Instagram if you want us to do a Creative Journaling Challenge Review more often. We could learn a lot from each other!

Join the community as we go through January's 20 Prompts for 2020 together:


Don't forget to tag us @shopabbeysy and #2020CreativeJournalingChallenge when you upload to Instagram!


Written by Nicolette "Nikki" Bautista
Nicolette is a Manila-based creative freelancer. She's written on the digital space about mom-and-pop's, small businesses, and social enterprises. In the pursuit of her eclectic interests, Nicolette has a broad portfolio including short videos, album art, and storybook illustrations! Find her on Instagram @of_nicolette and ofnicolette.wordpress.com

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