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In the previous Creative Journaling Inspiration post I made, I focused on regular A6 Hobonichi spreads—for this post, I’m going to focus on Hobonichi Weeks spreads. While a Hobonichi Weeks is mostly seen as a planner, other people use it as their daily creative journal. This is great for people who don’t like a lot of space to fill in their daily activities. Here are a few people that I admire greatly for their weekly spreads:



I’ve recently found this Instagram page and was immediately drawn to the clean and cute spreads! It’s my first year to use a Hobonichi Weeks and I’m looking for inspiration on how to fill in the pages. The spreads are text heavy with pops of color from carefully placed washi tape and stickers—just how I like my Weeks!




Kiko’s pages are such a dream—while she doesn’t show the entire spread of her Weeks, you can tell just by her notes page at how her aesthetic is like. Her notes pages on each spread follow a specific theme or color scheme. Her presentation is clean, beautiful, and personal.




Yumi’s spreads are just the perfect balance of organized and cute! The little stickers, doodles, and washi tape ties the whole theme of the spread together. In addition to all that, the spreads are also filled with writing. There’s a good balance of content and design in Yumi’s spreads.




I’ve recently discovered JuliexJournal’s Instagram profile and it’s just a wonderful discovery! Her whole feed is just eye-candy (most especially if you lean towards the pastel aesthetic.) Her spreads are filled with cute washi tape, adorable memo, and pretty stickers. Looking at them all will make you want to buy cute stationery and spread them on your page!




Stephanie’s spreads are just so cute! Her spreads are filled with cute illustrations and pretty lettering. She keeps her spreads clean and interesting without it being too cramped-looking. A great account to watch if that’s the style you’re interested in pursuing! 

It’s interesting to see how much information and design people can fit into smaller pages while making it look effortlessly put-together! One’s personality really shines through in these spreads, making each unique to its user. It’s only my first year of using a Weeks, and it’s been a rewarding experience so far. Can’t wait to see how the rest of my pages will look like!


Cover Photo from あんず (@anzu.__) on Instagram

Written by Sophie Yu
Sophie Yu is a storyteller from Manila. If you love puns and terrible jokes, Yu'll most likely get along with her. Aside from writing, stationery hoarding, and taking care of her dogs, she also blogs at 👋

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