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I’m mostly self-taught as an artist. Apart from one summer workshop, I learn a lot of what I know from practice and self-study. In my quest to find helpful content, I found these professional illustrators and artists who were sharing their knowledge. Studio vlogs and video tutorials on Youtube are a good resource - not to mention very entertaining to watch!

It also turns out they keep journals, and occasionally, share its contents with their community. These artists apply the same artistic eye and skilled hand to their journals as they do for their “finished” artworks.

Pearfleur (@pearfleur)

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Pearfleur (@pearfleur) is an anonymous artist who gained popularity through her Youtube channel "pearfleur", formerly "mypetitecakes". I found her through her painting videos, but she also dabbles in other crafts like book-binding and miniature-making.

Pearfleur is one of my favorite artists to follow because whatever her content is about, it's always really calming, a little mystical and mysterious―much like her art. In 2018, she adopted the bullet journal system for her art journal to make it easier for her to consistently make personal art during the school year.

You can see her video about it below. I really love her dream log (as seen above), I think it's something very unique to her.

Sha’an d’Anthes (@furrylittlepeach)

Sha’an d'Anthes is a ball of sunshine and it clearly shows in her work. What I admire about her is how comfortable and confident she is in her art style. She makes it looks so effortless―which ironically means a lot of work went into reaching that point.

From what I gather in her vlogs, her planners are really more for jotting down to-dos than documenting memories. So, this is a rare look inside her journal. As expected, it's as cute and charming as her commercial work. (Am I a total fangirl? Maybe. Am I a bit green with envy? Just a pale shade of mint.)

Minnie Small (@minniesmall)

Minnie Small is an artist whose Youtube content focuses a lot on the creative process, skill-building, and artistic exploration. For example, she's made videos on painting thirty landscapes in five days, taking on the 100 heads drawing challenge, and painting using a limited palette.

This year, she's incorporating more creativity into her daily life through journaling. Her work's always had a classic look to them and this aesthetic also translates to her journal spreads.

Fran Meneses (@frannerd)

Fran Meneses is an illustrator who creates content on Youtube, sells merch on her webshop, and also engages directly with her community on Patreon. On top of all that, she also does personal projects and occasional commercial work.

With everything happening in her life, it makes sense she's on top of her planning routine. She even manufactured her own open-dated planners and monthly calendars, available on her webshop. In the video above ("My updated planning method: productivity without overworking"), Fran goes in-depth on how she uses both the planner and calendar to track her days.

Pyperbleu (@lilithfrey & @pyperbleu)

Pyperbleu is a joint Youtube channel by artists and sisters Lilith and Annabelle. I'm lowkey obsessed with how Lilith laid out and decorated her planner because of how compact and functional it is while still being joyful to look at! Vertical weekly spreads are a mystery to me; I don't always schedule my tasks, I itemize them. Seeing how useful (and cute) her "cloud" blocking system works is making me rethink my life choices.

Also, it never really occurred to me to use colored pencils on my planners. It's seems like a good swap to make for highlighters if you're trying to create less plastic waste. So, I'm definitely going to try that out soon!

Abbey Sy (@abbeysy)

Hi, Abbey! (lol) Now, Abbey just posted about setting up her bullet journal for social media and I'm totally here for it. In case you didn't know, Abbey creates content for her personal Instagram, blog, and Youtube channel; plus, her shop's Instagram and blog!

In true Abbey fashion, she's found what works for her is an analog approach. I've never thought about using a bullet journal to track social media, content creation, or work but I'm thinking about it now! I'm especially making a note of her content ideas log (skip to the 16m 00s mark of the video below for this feature).

These creators have taught me a lot of what I know now as an artist. Journals are yet another topic they've informed my own taste and style. I think it's wonderful to see how their journals reflect their own personalities, work styles, and creative sensibilities! It truly shows how forming a regular journaling habit allows you to always be creating.


Cover photo from Minnie Small (@minniesmall) on Instagram.

Written by Nicolette "Nikki" Bautista
Nicolette is a Manila-based creative freelancer and Cambio & Co's Community Storyteller. She's written on the digital space about mom-and-pop's, small businesses, and social enterprises. In the pursuit of her eclectic interests, Nicolette has a broad portfolio including short videos, album art, and storybook illustrations! Find her on Instagram @of_nicolette and ofnicolette.wordpress.com

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