Practical Creative Journaling Tools


One of the reasons I love creative journaling so much is the ability to be resourceful and practical with the materials you use. Over the years, I’ve been discovering so many different tools that have been so useful to my journaling process. Read more about it below!

Midori A5 File Folder

A5 File Folder

As someone who often uses stickers and cannot find a way to organize them properly, I’ve recently gotten a few file folders that I use regularly to store the stickers and stationery I currently use for my journal (or for the week). My favorite one (coffee fan here) is made by Midori. But, you can also check out Muji and elsewhere for more minimalist designs.

Custom Self-inking Stamp from Digistamps

Self-inking Stamp

Nothing keeps things more personalized than a self-inking stamp with your name on it—and this is exactly what I use to label all my journals before I start using them. I ordered this from homegrown brand Digistamps—and they have a variety of options you can have on your stamp: your name, a doodle, your logo, maybe? The possibilities are endless.

Check out Digistamps here.

Washi tape samplers inserted in a cardholder designed as a film camera


Major life hack: cardholders work well as washi card holders! I store all my washi samplers (mostly rolled into used credit cards) in this nifty cardholder given to me by Kaila of Rainbowholic. Nevertheless, there are lots you can find in bookstores and stationery stores—even in discount shops!

Kokuyo washi tape cutter in a sand color

Washi Tape Cutter

This one-of-a-kind Kokuyo washi tape cutter instantly fits the bill as a practical creative journaling tool—precisely because it cuts evenly and is very cute! These come in different colors (pastel hues) and limited edition designs, plus two sizes, depending on how thick or thin your washi tape is.

Handy pocket scissors

Pocket Scissors

Last but not the least, pocket scissors are so convenient because it's disguised as a pen or marker and fit well in a pencil case. I have to say though, it’s not the best cutter out there—but definitely the handiest (as long as it can cut paper and washi tape, I’m all good).

Do you have any recommended practical tools for journaling? I hope these were helpful and could be new additions to your list!


Written by Abbey Sy
Abbey Sy is an artist and author with a penchant for art and travel. If she’s not busy making things, she loves dabbling in creative writing and journaling. Find her online at and @abbeysy.

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