Setting Up A Bullet Journal For Social Media


One of the journaling systems I’ve been eyeing on for the longest time has been the Bullet Journaling System. This journaling system invented by Ryder Caroll has been making waves on social media as it’s pretty customizable; you log your goals and productivity in trackers for daily tasks, future log, monthly overviews, habit trackers, etc.

I started a bullet journal in 2018 but failed to pick up the habit as I didn’t have time to set up my system—at that point, I was just writing down what I need for the coming week and plotting as I go. Of course, that system of mine didn’t seem to work out, hence I'm writing this post and finally trying to set up my bullet journal.

While I already have a 2020 Journaling System planned out, the decision to make a separate bullet journal for social media was born out of my inconsistency in content creation. I have so many ideas, but I don’t know where to put them. While Excel and Trello and Asana seemed to work, having an analog tool where I can jot down my content and see everything compiled in a journal was still the optimal choice for me.

Fun fact: the theme I chose for my 2020 bullet journal is all about growth—and this is my ultimate goal for my social media channels. Apart from growing in terms of numbers, I really want to be able to grow a community through the creative work that I do. At the end of the day, I want to share this to everyone else who would love to discover their own creativity through making art.

That being said, are some of the key spreads I used to set up my bullet journal for social media:

Future Log

The future log contains a year's view—my personal preference is having a monthly overview on the left side and a blank space on the right, where I can plot out key content ideas and relevant events.

For example, this month I started a Journaling on a Budget series, so I intend to extend that until maybe March; and by writing it here I will be able to see the transitions from month to month, and also by quarter, depending on the duration.

Quarterly Goals

I specifically indicated a page per quarter to create two things: Goals and Focus. Goals pertain to my social media targets for the next three months, while Focus pertains to specific areas (e.g. lettering, journaling, travel, shop, art in general, etc.) that I want to emphasize in the coming months.

Monthly Overview

I made this monthly overview as a reminder of what to expect in terms of deadlines. On the left side I decorated it (just because!) and on the right is a list of videos slated to be uploaded for the month, some notes, and the specific category it is in.

I realized from my experience in managing content that it’s important to have continuity—a series of content that connects. In this manner, it will be easier to produce the content and the viewer will be able to follow along as well.

Following this spread is a weekly overview of my Instagram posts (that are interchangeable), as well as newsletter topic ideas. And then, I prepared a separate page for online expenses (web maintenance, ads, etc.) as these tend to just be in my PayPal account and I keep forgetting to account them into my monthly expenses.

I also created a page of insights tracking, but this is your choice! Sometimes the numbers can be overwhelming, but I really wanted to take this opportunity to see my growth in the coming months.

Monthly Analytics

At the end of each month, I made sure to allot a space where I can monitor my growth by writing down what went well, what else I can improve, and what action points to take for the next month. On the right side is a free page which I now listed my final YouTube list of videos, plus what to take note of for next each month.

Check out my process video here for a better understanding of how I did my bullet journal:

Have you set up a bullet journal before? Hope this helps!


Written by Abbey Sy
Abbey Sy is an artist and author with a penchant for art and travel. If she’s not busy making things, she loves dabbling in creative writing and journaling. Find her online at and @abbeysy.

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