Sophie's Travel Journaling Inspiration

Travel Journaling Inspiration

Everyone has a different way to capture memories, especially memories made during special events and travels; some people make photo books, other people post photos online, others collect unique souvenirs like snow globes, postcards, or magnets. While I do enjoy doing a mix of all of these, my top go-to ways to preserve everything is through a travel journal and a blog post. It took me a while to find my style and get comfortable travel journaling—luckily, I had some inspiration for it!

Everyday Explorers Co.

Aside from selling beautiful and functional clear stamps, Everyday Explorers Co. also highlightstravel journaling spreads from different people on social media—each featured spread is unique and total eye candy for travel journaling!

Me and My Happy Desk

Mareike’s desk looks like it’s from a dream—a total wonderland for stationery and journal lovers alike. Her travel journal spreads feel homey and warm when you look at it. Her style of journaling is full of character with her pretty handwriting, scraps and pieces of her day, plus carefully laid out stamps and stickers.

Cienne Olaes

Cienne’s travel journal spreads are text-heavy, each page tells the complete story of her travels. While it might sound overwhelming, Cienne does a fabulous job balancing all the elements on a page to make it easier on the eyes. The neat handwriting and the tone of each page make it incredibly charming—you can’t help but be drawn to look at it again and again!


Vidhya’s travel spreads are visually stunning with eye-catching illustrations, plus delightful lettering and notes beside each illustration. The layout of all the illustrations seem to fit perfectly on the page, each element adding more and more to the story that she is telling the viewer—just gorgeous!

They Draw and Travel

One of my go-to Instagram accounts to visit when I want some inspiration. While it may not technically be a travel journaling account, this account focuses on illustrators from all over the world and the illustrations they make when they travel. Each featured post is remarkable in its own way and all in all just visually impressive! (P.S. They also have accounts for foodies @theydrawandcook and for people with green thumbs @theydrawandgarden.)

These are just a few of the many accounts to follow for travel journaling! Of course, we all have our own styles on how to journal. It’s just about discovering your preferences through trial and error. Unsure on how to start travel journaling? Have no fear and click here to read more about it!

Travel journaling is a fun and great way to reminisce about your travels; after all, the journey shouldn’t end when you get back!


Cover photo from Vidhya (@vidhyan) on Instagram

Written by Sophie Yu
Sophie Yu is a storyteller from Manila. If you love puns and terrible jokes, Yu'll most likely get along with her. Aside from writing, stationery hoarding, and taking care of her dogs, she also blogs at 👋

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