Typography Inspiration From Around The World: Spain & Italy

Typography Inspiration

Part of the reason why I love traveling is checking out all the amazing typography I encounter from different cities. Here I’m sharing some snippets from Montserrat, Barcelona, Milan, and Como. Enjoy!


An old-fashioned sign of a Gelateria in Como, Italy

Location: Como, Italy

This gelato shop is bursting with color—love the pink and red combination and whimsical serif elements incorporated into the store sign.


Storefront and signage of Rossignoli, a bicycle shop in Milan, Italy

Location: Milan, Italy

Love the squarish feel of this bicycle store’s logo. I think it compliments the industrial feel of bicycles in general.


Storefront sign of Ferreteria, a hardware store, in Barcelona, Spain

Location: Barcelona, Spain

This hardware store in Barcelona seems to be of similar typeface with the bicycle store in the previous photo, but in a more condensed manner. It works well with the old school building’s architecture.


Signage for Calçats Queisalós, a shoe store in Barcelona, Spain

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Scripts that aren’t slanted to the right are so refreshing to see—especially when they’re beautifully rendered like this. I love that it’s a bit stiff and exudes a very elegant vibe.


Painted tiles within the Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey of Montserrat, Spain

Location: Montserrat, Spain

I’m in love with the hand-drawn serifs of this text and its combination with the floral patterns and elements. They are perfect together!


Hand-painted banner underneath the arch statue of Joan Rei de Montserrat in the Montserrat Monastery, Spain

Location: Montserrat, Spain

A banner and serif layout is always a great option—and I love the medieval feel of this one in particular. The floral touches make it more feminine and nature-inspired.


Written by Abbey Sy
Abbey Sy is an artist and author with a penchant for art and travel. If she’s not busy making things, she loves dabbling in creative writing and journaling. Find her online at abbey-sy.com and @abbeysy.

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