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Hi! I’m Abbey, an artist and author from Manila, Philippines.

When I was seventeen, I started a small business selling hand-painted tote bags, and fell in love with running a shop. As the years went on, I would venture out into blogging, hand-lettering, shifting to a management course in college, quitting my day job, and eventually pursuing this creative career. Since 2015, I’ve been able to work on freelance projects and write books on lettering and journaling—published both locally and internationally. 

But something else was missing. And it was this.

While I was supposed to change “Shop Abbey Sy” into something else, I didn’t want to wait for that eureka moment to come in order for me to move. So this is currently a work in progress that I’ve been brewing for the past few years. 

As someone who loves art and travel, all the products you will find in this shop contain either of the two—and are mostly items that I myself love using for my work. Whether you’re here to learn more about hand-lettering or try your hand at documenting your life through journaling, I hope you enjoy finding inspiration and doing some shopping (but of course!). Always be creating!